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The basis of this treatment procedure is utilizing heat to cause collagen regeneration and rejuvenation, therefore avoid cooling the area after treatment. The Doctors clients have had great results using a combination of pure, liquid, vitamin e combined with SentialGem® powder. The SentialGem® powder has a natural cooling and anti-inflammatory effect, when used in conjunction with Vitamin E clients notice a rapid decrease in erythema and sensation of warmth. The Doctors prefer to use more natural products with fewer ingredients and additives.


Our Sandro Lift Post Treatment Kit comes with the SentialGem® powder and Vitamin E in a convenient container to combine ingredients. A paste will form and can be applied to the area treated with the laser. 7 uses. 

The SandroLift procedure uses the SandroDuel laser by Wontech and works via multiple mechanisms to repair these processes which allow restoration of skin elasticity, regeneration of collagen, and a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance of the skin.

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